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Democrat Turned Republican Artur Davis: 'What We're Doing Is Not Working'

Former Democrat and former AL Rep. Artur Davis appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to explain why he has decided to switch from the president’s party to the GOP:

DAVIS: And in the last two years, I’ve looked at the fact that we’re losing ground in this country economically. Every time we think we’re beginning to move forward, we fall backwards. We’re more divided now than we were four years ago. Our school systems aren’t working. A lot of the policies that have been put in place in the last several years have been counterproductive. Our businesses don’t have an environment where they think they can create jobs and I could go on. What we’re doing is not working.

Davis was one of Barack Obama’s earliest endorsers for president, but the president has pulled the Democrats so far to the left that Davis no longer wants to be associated with the president or the Democratic Party.

I was privileged to meet and have dinner with Rep. Davis at the True the Vote summit in Houston earlier this year. The soundbite above scratches the surface of the deep differences Davis has with his former party. He is among the millions of Democrats who have seen their party go down a radical path that he is choosing not to follow. He delivered a searing speech at the summit, blasting the Democrats for many things including dishonestly comparing voter ID laws to Jim Crow and poll taxes, both of which were Democrat initiatives. He accused the Democrats of using race and class to divide the country. Davis struck me as honest and honorable, and he’s a welcome addition to the right side of the aisle.

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