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Brett Kimberlin's Wikipedia Page Reappears

You won’t find it high up in the rankings if you Google “Speedway bombings,” but we can change that if enough of us link to it.

So here is the Wikipedia page about Brett Kimberlin’s bombing career in 1978. From that page anyone on earth with Internet access can read all about Brett Kimberlin’s attempt to create a fake US military ID, which got him arrested, and a search of his home turned up evidence that he had been behind the Speedway, Indiana bombings of 1978.

After obtaining a search warrant for Kimberlin’s home and vehicle, investigators found wiring similar to those used on the explosive devices and “Mark Time” appliance timers in his 1970 Chevrolet Impala. A subsequent search of his home revealed more than 1000lbs of marijuana and two cases of Tovex 200 dynamite, used in the IED’s, whose purchase had been traced by their lot number to Kimberlin in 1975. Pictures of Kimberlin were taken to the only local appliance store that sold the “Mark Times” and a store employee had positively identified Kimberlin as a buyer of the timers. Additionally, an eyewitness came forward and identified Kimberlin as the man he saw place an explosive parcel in a trash can on September 1st.[4]

The ATF positively matched both the timers and wire found in Kimberlin’s car but did not press for an immediate indictment, instead they continued to build on their case.

The motive: Authorities believe the bombings were intended to cover up a murder and possible pedophilia connected to that murder.

While no motive was established at trial, prosecutors and police believe Kimberlin went on the bombing spree to deflect attention away from an ongoing murder investigation of 65 year old Julia Scyphers. Scyphers “violently disapproved” of her daughter Sandra Barton’s relationship with Kimberlin as well as the “strange affection” Kimberlin paid to Barton’s pre-teen daughter who had accompanied Kimberlin on several long unsupervised out of state trips. Scyphers arraigned for her daughter and granddaughter to stay with her and on July 29, 1978 she was shot to death just outside home. Her husband Fred Scyphers, who briefly saw the shooter, identified William Bowman as the man who shot his wife. Bowman was a close associate of Kimberlin in the drug trade but Fred Scyphers died shortly after the murder and Bowman was never charged, as the prosecution’s only witness died. Her murder still remains unsolved. [5][6][7]

This is the man being funded by the likes of Barbra Streisand, George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Hopefully noting the above will shed some light on why, when Kimberlin turns up calling your wife’s place of work, you take the threat seriously.

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