Romney Campaign Memo Denounces Obama's 'Obsessive and Misleading' Attacks

Today the Mitt Romney campaign posted a fascinating inside look at how the past week has gone for them and their opponents. Authored by campaign communications director Gail Gitcho, the memo captures the struggles that the Obama campaign has faced, due mainly to its own unforced errors.


By any objective measure, President Obama and his campaign have stumbled into the general election. According to one report, the president’s recent troubles “have shaken the overwhelming confidence of his campaign in Chicago and of Democratic leaders in Washington.”

This week, we saw wave after wave of Democratic officials and Obama surrogates stand up against President Obama’s attack machine. From New York to California, and North Dakota to Alabama, the message was loud and clear. The Obama campaign’s best-laid plans to wage an all-out assault on the free enterprise system have predictably backfired.

These obsessive and misleading attacks – which the president himself confirmed will be the focus of his campaign – have been rebuked by fellow Democrats for being “nauseating” and “unfair” and ridiculed by the media and Democratic operatives as “clumsy” and “ancient.” The media felt compelled to eulogize “the 2004 version of Barack Obama,” who promised unity and a new era of leadership, while introducing the world to “the new, nasty Obama campaign.”

Meanwhile, the current chair of the DNC distanced herself from the Administration’s decision to grant a visa to the daughter of Cuba’s communist dictator, while a former DNC chair declined to endorse the Obama campaign in its current state.

Tuesday’s primaries in Kentucky and Arkansas provided valuable insight into the Obama campaign’s struggles. President Obama has no primary challenger, but is losing significant amounts of support within his own party – to no one in particular. More than four in ten Democrats who voted this week declined to support President Obama.


The memo notes that despite the Obama campaign’s efforts to talk about anything but the economy, Mitt Romney has remained focused on highlighting what he would do to fix the problems that Obama has either failed to fix or made worse. That brings us to the most important sentence in the memo:

This is the real crux of the Obama campaign’s dilemma. It’s not the messengers that are causing the problem – it’s the message.

And the incumbent. Obama was never the bi-partisan conciliatory figure that he claimed to be. Lately he has been exposed as a hard core far left ideologue who is striving to win at all costs.

Read the entire memo here. The Romney campaign is releasing it to right-side online media ahead of distributing it to the legacy media.


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