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'I Don't Care What You Choose' Also Turns Out Not to be Spam From a Dodgy Foreign Dating Site

The come-ons from the Obama campaign get a little bit weirder by the day. Here’s today’s, which thankfully did not come addressed from Bill Clinton. It’s from some campaign minion I don’t think I’ve heard of before.

Friend —

If you’re wondering why we have so many contests to meet President Obama, I’ll be honest.

Yeah, it’s partly because they’re really popular.

It’s also partly so they can get you to give ’em as little as three bucks, while getting your personal info for their permanent files so they can target you more directly for more money later on. The donor file is really what this raffle stuff has been about all along.

But it’s also because we don’t accept any money from Washington lobbyists or corporate-interest groups — not a dime. We don’t want them owning any piece of this campaign or expecting any special consideration.

Unions, however, are a different matter entirely. For them, it’s special consideration, all the time, every time, any way they want it, that’s the way they get it. The only real question related to Big Labor and the administration is which one owns the other.

I wonder, does the Obama campaign realize: Democrats work at, and own, corporations too?

Here’s how things actually work with Obama vis a vie corporations. CEO donates big bucks to Obama’s campaign. CEO later gets big tax-payer funded loan to develop some boondoggle “green” tech. CEO’s company goes belly up, people lose their jobs, taxpayers get fleeced. But Obama gets his donations and the CEO gets a little bit richer. See: Solyndra or any of the other half dozen greendoggles the Obama administration has wasted your money on.

So Barack Obama has only you.

Then he’s out of luck. I can phrase that more colorfully if you’d like.

And the feedback from people like you is that they like chipping in a few dollars at a time — and if there’s a chance to meet President Obama as a result, all the better.

What do you say?

How ’bout “No.”

Right now you have some pretty cool options, each with a deadline approaching. While there’s still a spot for you:

1) Enter to meet President Obama and President Clinton for an evening on the town in New York City.

2) Throw your name in to join President Obama and the First Lady at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house in New York.

Neither of those options sound “cool.” At all.

Of course, you can always enter both.

Or neither. I’m going with neither.

I don’t really care what you choose.

Yay, they’re pro-choice. Except on decisions that actually matter, like what kind of insurance you’d like to buy or not, or whether to join a union or not. Then, they’re not really pro-choice at all.