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Bain Capital: From 'Vampire' to 'Cannibal'

A recent Obama campaign ad branded Bain Capital as a “vampire”; now the congressman who made the “sugar-coated Satan sandwich” (aka debt-ceiling deal) famous has given Mitt Romney’s former company a Hannibal Lecter flair.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, was asked by Al Sharpton on MSNBC last night about whether Romney can “run on a business record that he doesn’t like answering questions about.”

“He can’t do it successfully,” Cleaver said. “I was the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, when Bain Capital essentially cannibalized a company called GS Technologies. And as mayor, we offered that company just about everything we could do in terms of municipal government. We offered them everything except the barbecue and the Chiefs and the Royals. And they still pulled out. They took all of the money out of the company they left.”

Cleaver said that doesn’t mean he’s mad at Romney, who was a co-founder of Bain and former CEO, or thinks he’s a bad person.

“He is probably a good guy,” the congressman said. “But Bain Capital was not a company that not created jobs, it created wealth. And for a real clear reason, it created wealth for him, himself. Now, the thing is, he never should have brought up Bain Capital as an example of what he could do as president. And now that he has, he is going to have to deal with that. He brought it up, the president didn’t.”