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Bain Mutiny: Former DNC Head Declines to Endorse the Obama Campaign As It's Currently Being Run

The Obama campaign is about to reach that point when it will have to cut its losses on the Bain Capital attacks and find some other game to play. The entire gambit has turned into a backfire-o-rama. Cory Booker, Harold Ford, Mark Warner and Ed Rendell — major Democrat figures all — have now come out criticizing the Bain attacks. Booker may have wrecked his political career with that hostage video intended to contain the damage. Now Rendell may have to join Booker on hostage row. Appearing on Chris “I lost on Jeopardy!” Matthews’ Hardball this afternoon, Rendell wouldn’t even say whether he’s still on board with the Obama Bain Train.

Team Obama has tried a “war on women” and it flopped. It’s anti-capitalism screed is in the process of backfiring. Where do they go from here? A war on kids? Nope, can’t do that. So what’s the next shiny, floppy distraction of the week for Team Obama?