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MSNBC Ad: Andrea Mitchell Thinks Voter ID Laws are a 'Scandal'

In the latest “Lean Forward” ad from MSNBC, news anchor Andrea Mitchell offers her opinion of election fraud: She’s for it.

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“I think it’s a real scandal that political parties and interest groups are trying to prevent people from voting. We should just want as many people as possible to vote. However it…falls, whichever political party benefits from it. The fact is, when the American people are engaged, they will make intelligent choices,” Mitchell says in the network ad. She hosts Andrea Mitchell Reports weeknights on MSNBC.

In the opening sentence of the ad, Mitchell is talking about voter ID laws that are being passed in state legislatures all across the country, using a leftist dog whistle to signal her displeasure with those laws. Despite the left’s mischaracterization of voter ID laws as “suppression,” studies have found that voting rates do not decrease after ID laws are implemented. Voter ID laws enjoy strong majority support across US demographics. Mitchell is siding with leftwing groups that slur voter ID laws as “suppression.”

In the second sentence, Mitchell makes no distinction between eligible voters and those who are ineligible to vote — “as many people as possible,” given the state of voter rolls nationwide, and the insecurity of our methods to weed out ineligible people from voting, is a call to let the dead, felons, illegal aliens etc vote without regard to whether they are allowed by law to vote (or breathing). Why not just let the entire world and everyone who has ever lived vote in US elections? Perhaps John Kerry could pick up the Jenghis Khan vote.

Mitchell’s third sentence is an obvious pander, tacked on to end the ad on a positive note. It’s possible to be “engaged” and still be an idiot who makes poor choices. Mitchell is evidence of someone who is engaged, but dishonest regarding the facts.