Videos: When Obama Promised to Reform Immigration

BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski compiles a roster of six videos in which Barack Obama promised deep from his heart of hearts to reform immigration. My personal favorite is the one in which the president also promises to secure the border. Predictably, he also wants a plan to bring illegal aliens “out of the shadows.”


One of those illegal aliens who has been brought out of the shadows is 67-year-old Onyango Obama. He’s the president’s uncle, a confessed drunk driver and illegal alien, and still very publicly here against the law. He got his drivers license back this week. Mr. Obama has a valid Social Security number (how does an illegal alien get one of those?) and has been living in the United States since the days when his nephew’s book agent claimed the younger Obama was born in Kenya.

Shadows? What shadows?

President Obama would follow up his promise to secure the border by going to the border, and mocking people who want security on the border.

The president made those comments in El Paso, a city that has had its municipal buildings struck by gun fire coming from the drug war raging in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico.

In terms of policy, security morphed into gun running via Fast and Furious. Immigration reform morphed into an executive order bypassing Congress to grant a stealth amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.



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