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Fauxcahontas and Faux Kenyan? Liberals and False IDs

While reading Tim Stanley’s amusing take on the “Obama is a Kenyan according to his literary agent” revelation on, it suddenly struck me – what is with these liberals and their phony identities? Aren’t they happy being what they are?

Poor Elizabeth Warren wasn’t happy with her Caucasian self and had to pretend to be Cherokee. And now we find that Obama let sleeping dogs lie about his having been “Born in Kenya” on his agent’s website from 1991 until 2007 (just in the nick of time before running for Pres. of the USA).

Now I’m no “birther,” not even close. But this stuff is creepier than actually being born in a foreign country. This is in the realm of serious weirdness.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how the mainstream media plays this, because, as Stanley points out, much of this would be uncovered by a simple Google search. Stanley wonders why they never asked these questions, but I assume he was being rhetorical.

But in case they want a question to ask , here’s a simple one for POTUS at the next White House press conference: Assuming you never read the false information in your agent’s press kit, why did she think you were born in Kenya in the first place?

We can go from there.