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Jon Lovitz: 'I said what a lot of people are thinking.' (Update: Video Added)

Actor/comedian Jon Lovitz appeared on America Live with Megyn Kelly this afternoon to discuss his profane but accurate comments regarding President Obama’s claim that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. Lovitz said that Obama’s class warfare is “f****** bull***,” and that he pays his taxes. Lovitz said that he is a Democrat and voted for Obama in 2008, but called the president a “f****** a******.”

Lovitz noted that he made the comment in front about 120 people in room a few months ago, but that it went viral once it was posted online.

Kelly asked Lovitz what his Hollywood friends are saying to him now. “They’re thanking me,” Lovitz said. “I said what a lot of people are thinking.”

Lovitz said that reaction has has ranged from earning 10,000 new Twitter followers and getting new job offers, to being called a “Nazi,” despite the fact that he is Jewish. He also took time in the interview to laud the fact that in America, anyone can some here from anywhere in the world and succeed.

Lovitz declined to endorse any presidential candidate.

Update: Here’s the video.