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Message to Mitt: It's Time to Confront Black Racial Violence

It is happening all over the country and it is being ignored by almost everyone for all of the wrong reasons.  “It” is black mob violence against whites.

To utter such thoughts is to risk being called an insensitive racist by Eric Holder and his buddies such as Al Sharpton and the entire leadership of the New Black Panther Party.  Yet, the fear of even saying “black mob violence” infects most of the supposedly rational leadership of this entire country.  The infection attacks and silences their vocal chords and also apparently their brains.  The infection has been also spread by the words and meaningful inaction of the current inhabitant of the Oval Office.

The latest example of this virulent infection occurred in Norfolk, Virginia several weeks ago when a group of young blacks attacked and beat two white Virginian-Pilot reporters who happened to be in their neighborhood.  The two were injured seriously enough to stay out of work for a week.

The newspaper ignored the story under its nose for two weeks. When Pilot Editor Denis Finley allowed the paper to mention the serious incident, he assured the world that it did not involve racial hate.  This was also the public position taken by interim Norfolk Police Chief Sharon Chamberlin. The public has been assured that it was a simple case of an ordinary street crime.

However, Jesse Watters, a reporter for Bill O’Reilly’s Fox TV program, managed in one visit to find young blacks who said on camera that racial animus was involved and that there was some mention of taking revenge for the killing of Trayvon Martin.

For the most part, the mainstream media has continued to ignore the story even though there have been numerous similar reports of black mobs and individual blacks attacking innocent whites in the name of avenging Trayvon.

As I have recently argued, President Obama has contributed to the spread of this ugly, violent situation by failing to condemn such attacks and by allowing his attorney general to take no action against the New Black Panthers and by embracing the lead inciter of violence, Al Sharpton.  The failures of our president and his attorney general make all decent people of all races less secure.

Among the reasons why a thoughtful American might vote against the reelection of Barack Obama, his behavior regarding the Martin-Zimmerman case should be among the most important.

We who voted for the first African-American presidential candidate have every reason now to feel utterly betrayed.  I am one of them.  He broke his promise to be a post-racial president – and thus he has failed us all in that regard.

Yet, to my knowledge candidate Mitt Romney has been afflicted by the widespread infection of silence on such matters.  If he is to earn the trust of the electorate he has got to step up to the plate and condemn the racial violence that has occurred in the aftermath of the Martin-Zimmerman tragedy.  He could also state clearly that when he is elected, he will see to it that the New Black Panther Party will feel the heat of an investigation led by his new attorney general.

The only people who would oppose such a move would be the New Black Panther Party.

For an explanation why the DOJ refuses to act, see this PJ Media piece by Legal Editor J. Christian Adams, as well as what happens when nothing is done to stop the mob in other countries.