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Chris Christie Mulls Over VP Possibility. ABC Responds with a Fat Joke

This is why we can’t have nice politics. Well, this and the fact that Democrats tend to be socialists in poor disguise.

Chris Christie has said he’s “not looking to become vice president,” but the New Jersey governor said today the presumptive GOP nominee might be able to convince him otherwise.

“He might be able to convince me. He’s a convincing guy,” Christie said during a visit to a high school AP history class, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Christie is a much talked about veepstakes contender and has said that he would “listen” to Romney if he came calling. But in Plainsboro, N.J., today he seemed to open the door a bit more than it has been when a student asked him if he would consider being Romney’s running mate.

Over the weekend, Christie was ABC News’ guest at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner and found himself the butt of several of comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes.

“Gov. Christie, I think you might be misunderstanding New Jersey’s slogan. It’s not the Olive Garden state,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel’s throwaway line is relevant, why? Because ABC felt like working in a mention of its late-night talk show host.

What do you think of Christie as veep? The debate with Biden would be must-see — doddering dolt versus guy who whips union thugs for fun. How weird would it be for the Republican ticket to be composed of two blue-staters?