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Obama Blasts Arizona Law Passed by Strong State Majority, While on Foreign Soil

American politics used to stop at the water’s edge, and American presidents once put the wishes of American citizens above the wishes of non-citizens. About all that: President Obama is making promises and political attacks regarding American laws on foreign soil. Here’s another bit of fallout from what’s turning out to have been a disastrous trip to Colombia: President Obama slammed Mitt Romney’s immigration policies from foreign soil.

Obama said in an interview with Univision that Romney’s support of Arizona’s tough immigration law was “very troublesome.”

“We now have a Republican nominee who said that the Arizona laws are a model for the country,” Obama said, referring to Republican front-runner Romney, a former Massachusetts governor.

“These are laws that potentially would allow someone to be stopped and picked up and asked where their citizenship papers are based on an assumption,” Obama said in the interview, which was taped in Cartagena on Friday.

Obama made the comments during that summit trip to Colombia. He is lying about Arizona’s law, as he surely knows because he sued the state over that law. And he is lying to citizens of other countries on foreign soil, about a state law that was by his definition passed by a strong majority — stronger in the state than the “strong majority” that he claims passed ObamaCare — and duly signed by the governor of that state. As he surely knows, because he sued Arizona over that law.