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Biden Gets Flirty with Voters Around Hot Buns

Vice President Joe Biden got up close and personal with patrons of a New Hampshire bakery when he decided to cap off his campaigning day with a croissant and coffee.

“You just came for a bagel and I showed up,” Biden announced as he made his way around The Works Bakery in Portsmouth, according to the White House pool report.

One woman told Biden that she had always wanted to meet him, and the vice president quipped, “No woman has ever said that to me!” He then gave her a hug.

His rounds included sitting down at people’s tables, hugging kids and making Bidenisms about how the state is as friendly as Delaware.

Biden greeted his good friend and former Portsmouth Mayor Eileen Foley with a kiss; she told him “that’s enough” and that she had to run.

“That’s what all women said to me,” Biden quipped. “It’s like at home.”