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Warning: Offensive Material. Do NOT Click to Read This Post

But you clicked anyway, didn’t you. Shame on you. And shame on 17-year-old Liz Bierendy, who painted a disgusting mural on the wall of her Rhode Island high school. Thankfully, the authorities swooped in and, after they failed to persuade Bierendy to alter her repugnant piece of “art,” they took the sensible act of covering it up lest it offend anyone.

In the interests of accurate journalism, the Tatler has made the difficult editorial choice to display Bierendy’s offensive painting. We do this not to titillate, but to educate. This is what our children must be prevented from thinking about, even at the cost of their freedom of expression.

You were already warned about it in the headline; your failure to heed that warning is your own fault.

This is the image that Pilgrim High School fought and then covered over.

It may be tough to pick out the most offensive aspect of this disgusting “art,” so here is a detail of the section that earned destruction.

A man and woman — who are married to each other — with their — gasp — child. Who seems to be doing well in school, if you go by the arbitrary and probably racist rubric of “grades,” anyway.

You can’t say that you weren’t warned.

Update: The school is allowing the mural to be painted as planned.