Texas Democrat Donna Howard Calls Fellow Texans 'Crazy, Ignorant Bigots'

Celebrate the Democrats’ new tone: Disagree with a liberal who wants totally open borders, and you’re both “ignorant” and a “bigot.” Also, “plain crazy.”


Howard manages to pack an awful lot into that one tweet — hatred of Arizona, hatred for her fellow Texans, and three distinct smears. If anyone would like to give her a call, here is her official contact information. Here’s her full twitter stream — the “crazy bigots” tweet is on April 3.

Howard is the state rep in Texas House District 48. She narrowly won her re-election in controversial circumstances in 2010, and is beatable this year.

Update: I’ve asked the Howard campaign for comment on this, and will update should they respond.

Update: Neither Howard nor the Texas Democratic Party are responding via twitter, and Howard’s campaign has not yet responded in email. Meanwhile, here’s the web site for Robert Thomas. He is Howard’s GOP opponent in the fall. Howard was re-elected in 2010 by just four votes.

h/t Gateway Pundit


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