GSA's Sequel Video: POTUS Wants a Press Event!

Think about these goldbricking jokers when you’re working on your taxes.

Who wrote the song? Who played the tune? Who directed and shot and edited the final product? How many man hours did this take?


Here’s a suspicion. The person who led this video effort, Karen in the second half of the video, is a manager who wasn’t terribly good at managing, got sidelined, and had to find something to do with her time. So she sat around collecting a nice salary and then roped dozens of co-workers into making this piece. That kind of thing happens in government environments where they don’t fire terrible managers, they promote them or make them heads of departments of one. That’s just a guess, based on what I saw go on during a previous lifetime inside government.

GSA’s Pacific Rim region awards program was as “fly” as their video. They had a virtual mall that someone on staff had to manage, they swapped awards with each other to spread our wealth around, and they managed to lose 115 iPods. Over $800,000 later, we get to watch them sing and dance badly.

But the dumbest part of all of this may be the “Goin’ Green” bit in the video. Let’s go green by making a bunch of paper signs and holding them up for a few seconds before we trash them. Genius. But hey like the song says, POTUS wants a press event, a project he can show. Now he has one.


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