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Arby's Leaves a Bad Aftertaste

The roast beast restaurant chain has gone PC.

On Wednesday, Arby’s inflamed the conservative blogosphere with the announcement on Twitter that it will no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s show. Big mistake. The statement probably would’ve blown over, like all the rest of them, but Arby’s moves following the announcement have awakened a sleeping giant. Shortly after its statement, the Arby’s Twitter account went on a rampage blocking users who disagreed with the franchise…

Bad move, Arby’s. Very bad. So, just retweet my headline with a link to any story about what Arby’s has done, or come up with your own.

And don’t go to their restaurants. You can get a better sandwich every day but Sundays at lots of places including Chik-Fil-A, and if you have to get seasoned curly fries, Jack-in-the-Box is among the fast food joints that sells those. Any of these fast food chains can be replaced, but our freedom of speech is irreplaceable.

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