D.C. Dem to Introduce Bill to Change Eating Habits in 'Workplace and Community Settings'

The representative for a district with higher-than-average rates of obesity-related conditions will return from recess a week from Monday to reintroduce her Lifelong Improvements in Food and Exercise (LIFE) Act.


D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) will say on the House floor, according to prepared remarks, that her bill is intended to tackle a health problem “that cannot be remedied through the health care system alone.”

The LIFE Act would give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention $25 million “for a coordinated national effort to reverse increasingly sedentary lifestyles and diets that are high in fat and sugar.”

That would be allocated to “train health professionals to recognize the signs of obesity early and to educate people concerning healthy lifestyles, such as proper nutrition and regular exercise; conduct public education campaigns about how to recognize and address overweight and obesity; and develop intervention strategies to be used in everyday life, such as in the workplace and in community settings.”


“The legislation is the minimum necessary to address our most important health care crisis,” Norton will say.

The bill had no co-sponsors in the 111th Congress and died in a health subcommittee. The renewed effort comes after a “60 Minutes” report this past weekend calling sugar a toxin and calls from some health officials to tax and regulate sugar like tobacco.

“I urge my colleagues to join me in support of this important legislation to mobilize the country now, before entirely preventable health conditions, which often begin in childhood, overwhelm the nation’s health care system,” Norton will say.


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