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Axelrod Wants to do the Time Warp Again

Obama’s brain is stepping up attacks on the presumptive Republican nominee:

David Axelrod on Tuesday attacked Mitt Romney for advocating the “failed” economic policies of the past decade, reflecting a sharpening rhetoric by the Obama campaign against the GOP frontrunner.

“I think he watches ‘Mad Men’ and thinks it’s the evening news,” Obama’s chief campaign strategist said on CBS’ This Morning, citing Romney’s support for cutting taxes for the very wealthy and deregulating Wall Street. “He’s in a time warp.”

I doubt I’m alone in finding this line of attack strained and a bit too much of an effort. Spinmeisters at your average Toastmasters could do a better job.

As for being in a “time warp,” it’s Obama who is bitterly clinging to failed top-down, government-centered socialist policies of the past. It’s Obama who frittered away much of his term and the goodwill of the American people on the liberal pipe dream that is ObamaCare. It’s Obama who cannot seem to escape his rigid, backward-looking ideology of identity politics and division. Obama’s presidency is running on empty — empty promises to be a post-racial and post-partisan president, empty promises to turn the economy around, and empty shells that used to be thriving companies, in a nation full of foreclosed homes and barren family gas tanks.

“Time warp” is a distracting phrase, just from a communications point of view. When I hear “time warp,” I don’t think of the slick Mad Men series or the mysterious Don Draper. I think of this.

Barack Obama is a bit of a political cross-dresser, posing as a moderate to get the office and then governing like Jeremiah Wright is whispering in one ear while Bill Ayers is whispering in the other.