Barack Obama Stars in...Operation Hot Mic

American Crossroads rips President Flexible in this new video.

The president’s “smart diplomacy” has caused ripples with our ally, Poland, drawn Mitt Romney fire from the Russian regime, and even earned mockery from Jon Stewart:


On Wednesday night’s “Daily Show,” Stewart addressed the overheard conversation in which Obama told Medvedev that he’ll have “more flexibility,” referring to discussions of missile defense, after his election.

“Mr. President… We can hear you capitulating with the Russians,” Stewart joked in a stage whisper.

Clown nose, on.

Obama was a proud member of the Soviet-funded “nuclear freeze” movement of the 1980s and still agrees with its goals. I wonder, if he’s heard anyone tell him “I transmit this information to Vladimir” at any point in his past. I keed…

Actually, I don’t keed. It would really be nice to know.


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