White Supremacists Conflicted on Martin Shooting: 'Zimmerman' Sounds Jewish, Is Hispanic, But Did Kill a Black Guy

White supremacists appear to be clearly conflicted about the ethnic background and Jewish-sounding last name of the shooter in the Trayvon Martin case, but the “white nationalists” seem to agree that supporting the shooting of the black teen is more important.


One member on the Stormfront website, with an international “no” symbol across the Star of David as his avatar, pointed out George Zimmerman’s last name. “He’ll probably get away with it because he’s a Jew….” another member responded. Others proceeded to argue that Zimmerman could be German and Aryan, or Jewish. “He doesn’t look like a yid to me,” said one.

“If indeed he is a jew, this story will be quietly swept under the rug,” one opined.

“It doesn’t seem to be relevant that this was a case of Hispanic-Jewish immigrant invader shoots African-American,” argued another.

Most expressed anger with reports calling Zimmerman, whose father is white and mother is Hispanic, white.

“He looks pure wetback to me,” one wrote.

“There is some doubt that Zimmerman is White, but all being said. If its a dead negro and a live White man claiming self defense I’m going to give him more of the benifit [sic] of the doubt that [sic] I will a negro beast,” one member commented.

“This Zimmerman case is a perfect example of why we don’t want Hispanics in our schools, neighborhoods and restaurants. But as bad as the ‘spanics are, the nigra are more than twice as bad. In this case, the only mistake Zimmerman (the Hispanic victim) made was he neglected to double tap the nigra,” another wrote.

“All of the extended ‘conversation on whether he’s White or not avoids the central issues of negritude and jewi$h propaganda,” commented one.


The white supremacists on the neo-Nazi forum, which was established in 1995 by former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Don Black, coalesced around the shooting of Martin itself.

“I’m thinking ‘Trayvon’ left the house to shoplift, burglarize and vandalize,” one wrote. “White Man spotted him; ‘wild nig*er attack’ ensued. White Man was properly armed, as we all should be. negroes complaining that ‘whitey’ didn’t show proper ‘respect’ to the nubian as commanded by the jew$…”

“Rape and murder of Whites is an accepted part of their culture,” wrote one member who started a petition on Change.org to defend self-defense in Florida, while another added that African-Americans have “a natural proclivity for attacking White People.”

“Looks like little Tyrone/ Travontee/ WTFE should have learned some manners,” one posting said. “oh well- he won’t be making that mistake again.”

“A .22 is a poor weapon to take down a feral negro with,” wrote another member.


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