'Mittzkreig,' Mr. Axelrod?

The president and his staff have apparently halted criticism of President Millard Filmore long enough to compare Mitt Romney to Hitler. Classy.

“The Mittzkrieg in Illinois isn’t terribly inspiring,” David Axelrod tweets this morning, “so turnout may lag. But the sheer volume probably has been grindingly effective.”

Axelrod, chief strategist for President Obama’s re-election campaign, was most recently seen bellyaching about the “coarsening of our political culture” on CNN. He’s been all over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s case as the Republicans close in on tomorrow’s Illinois primary.


Just in case Ax decides to delete the tweet, here’s a screenshot. The Internet is indelible ink…

Click on the link in the first sentence. I’m not one to favor Hitler comparisons in American politics. It cheapens the ghastly crimes that the Nazi regime committed, and dishonors the victims. But if one is searching for at least a visual similarity from then to now, Reason found one.


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