Barack Obama: The Constitution Guarantees Your Right to Clone

Today Editor-At-Large Ben Shapiro utilizes his Harvard Law education to continue fisking Barack Obama’s constitutional law courses. Today, part III:


Here’s the first question from Obama’s 1997 exam.

The situation is a cross between Dolly the Sheep and Terri Schiavo. Essentially, many years in the future, there’s a young woman, Dollly. After a car accident, Dolly enters into a severe vegetative state with no possibility of recovery. Her parents, Mary and Joseph (you have to love the carefully chosen anti-religious implications here), whom she has given joint authority over her in a living will, decide to pull the plug. They also decide that they want to clone her. The problem is that the state has passed a law against cloning. The second problem is that other states that allow cloning require consent of the cloning subject, unless the subject is a terminally ill child – and it’s unclear whether Dolly gave her consent, though she had no moral objections to cloning.

This presents a question: is there a constitutional right to cloning?

Here the analysis of Obama’s suggested answer:

  • First, Obama suggests that there is a fundamental constitutional right to clone oneself. The precedent cases “all argue for a broad reading of the right at stake: a right to make decisions regarding childbearing free from government interference—at least absent a government showing that such interference is narrowly tailored to serve a compelling government interest.” Obama calls Justice Scalia’s argument that constitutional rights must be “deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions” a “cramped reading of the right to privacy.”

Read the whole thing and don’t forget parts I and II on earlier Obama class questions.

Reminder: the ethics of cloning is not the issue here. That’s just the red fingernail Obama and the cultural Marxists use to dupe apolitical people. The important question is what the Constitution means. Does the Constitution grant us the “Right” to do anything? Or do our Rights come from a Creator? Is the Constitution instead a document of checks on the federal government’s power? Is that perhaps why Obama would shift from a career as a community organizer to Constitutional law? Know thy enemy.

Obama and the Alinskyites can’t win this debate so instead they have to dupe apolitical people with “social issues” like how poor Sandra Fluke can’t afford her birth control pills and 26-year-old “adult children” need mommy and daddy’s health insurance.


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