A Little Perspective to the Contraception Debate

I thought I might add a little perspective to the debate about contraception.

Accepting for the sake of argument that Sandra Fluke’s assertion that birth control costs her and her friends $1,000 a year, that’s about $83.33 per month or $2.74 a day — less than the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee, which would seem reasonable to avoid the much higher cost of a pregnancy.


Now, the average family buys about 1,100 gallons of gasoline a year. At $4 per gallon that comes to $4,400 a year, $366.67 a month or $12.05 a day.

Now the median household income in the United States is just over $46,000 a year. So with gas prices at their current level, the average consumer is paying roughly 10 percent of their income every month just to get back and forth to work and run the family errands.

With gas prices expected to hit $5 or even $6 a gallon and a mostly stagnant job market t’would seem there are more important issues for the president to be concerning himself with than the cost of birth control pills.


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