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So It Turns Out that Obama's Election Wasn't the Moment that the Seas Stopped Rising


About 3.7 million Americans live within a few feet of high tide and risk being hit by more frequent coastal flooding in coming decades because of the sea level rise caused by global warming, according to new research.

If the pace of the rise accelerates as much as expected, researchers found, coastal flooding at levels that were once exceedingly rare could become an every-few-years occurrence by the middle of this century.

By far the most vulnerable state is Florida, the new analysis found, with roughly half of the nation’s at-risk population living near the coast on the porous, low-lying limestone shelf that constitutes much of that state. But Louisiana, California, New York and New Jersey are also particularly vulnerable, researchers found, and virtually the entire American coastline is at some degree of risk.

Florida is a swing state, at least as long as it stays this side of Atlantis. It should treat any continued rise in sea levels as another Obama promise, broken.

The One promised good health care and jobs along with a halt in the rise of the sea levels in that clip. Instead we got ObamaCare and stubborn unemployment. I bet he wishes he could pull a Chu and take that grandiose stuff back now.