Bill Maher, As Classy As Ever

The Democrats’ favorite comedian and million dollar Obama fundraiser doesn’t think much of us southerners. He called yesterday’s contests in Alabama and Mississippi “Toothless Tuesday.”


With all eyes on Republican primaries in those states, Maher sent a message via Twitter saying, “Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally!”

This came just days after he and his Real Time panel mocked poor people in Mississippi.

Their behavior was even too offensive for Roseanne Barr who tweeted Tuesday, “I was really disheartened to see how Pelosi’s daughter& Bill Maher portrayed southern americans-classism at its best by H’wood elitists.”

There are two classes of people who remain acceptable targets on the left: Christians and people from or in the south. Bill Maher’s mocking us is not even funny enough to warrant offense, really. He is a very provincial and uncreative comic, if this is the best he can do. It’s kind of sad. Maher was funny in those bits he used to do for Leno. Now he’s a has-been trading on very old stereotypes.

By the way, that soiree with the Alabama Democrats is sold out and still on, despite their attempts to scrub the event from their web site. I don’t seen an exemption in Maher’s tweet for southern Democrats — we’re all toothless wonders down here as far as he’s concerned. But only some of us are dumb enough to think Bill Maher has anything original or interesting to say.

Update: David Axelrod, on the other hand, is reportedly bailing on Bill.



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