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Smooth Criminal: Convicted Inside Trader George Soros Tried Bribing His Ex-Girlfriend's Cousin?

It’s good to be the king of currency speculators. Or something.

Billionaire George Soros was so eager to stop his ex-gal pal from filing a lawsuit, he offered her cousin $250,000 to persuade her to drop the case, the Daily News has learned.

The cousin says the offer was a bribe; Soros’ lawyer says it was merely an attempt to settle the dispute.

Former Brazilian soap star Adriana Ferreyr, 31, sued Soros, 81, in August after he reneged on a promise to buy her a $1.9 million Manhattan apartment.

The $50 million suit also contained claims of emotional torture, harassment and violence — all denied by the twice-divorced Soros.

When she threatened to take him to court, Soros went to her cousin Mauricio Carneiro, a lawyer, with a cash offer.

“Pursuant to your conversation with George Soros . . . I understand you may wish to be helpful with the situation,” the billionaire’s lawyer William Zabel wrote to Carneiro in an email seen by The News.

Carneiro fired back that he could not be bought. “I was shocked that George called me to offer me $250,000 in order to get my sympathy, get rid of her lawyers and settle the case,”

Carneiro wrote back. “I learned of Mr. Soros’ malicious actions against my cousin and I am shocked by his behavior. Adriana’s character is of the highest order.”


In happier times, Soros and his five-decades-younger gal pal would probably spend $250,000 on lunch.

Soros tried getting his criminal insider trading conviction overturned last year, and lost that bid. So there are a few things money can’t buy: Cousins, and courts.

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