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'Occupy Jesus': Evangelicals Give OWS a Taste of Its Own Medicine

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has transformed the word “occupy” into a catch-all term which they now apply to every conceivable noun: “Occupy education”; “Occupy foreclosures”; “Occupy the future”; and so on. Annoying and essentially meaningless, but catchy.

Yet you can’t copyright a word, so a group of Christians decided to co-opt OWS’s sloganeering yesterday and give Occupy San Francisco a taste of its own medicine.

Shortly after OccupySF re-established an encampment in front of the Federal Reserve Bank on Market Street, they were surrounded by Christians holding up signs that said “Occupy Jesus”:

(Photo courtesy of Larry in SF.)
Zing! Take that, Occupiers!

The photo above was taken by “Larry in SF,” proprietor of the Fund47 blog. Larry was on hand to capture all the action of this first-ever Christian re-occupation of the Occupiers, and filed an excellent report:

Evangelicals Confront Occupy at San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank & International Women’s Day March

What I found especially interesting is that when the Occupy Women’s Day march met the Occupy Jesus march coming the other way, the two groups passed though each other like neutrinos through a shadow; instead of the clash turning into a confrontation, the two groups’ ideologies were so far apart from each other that neither side had any way to challenge the others’ narrative.

One point worth noting: The Christian Occupiers who came to SF provide tangible real-world results helping drug addicts kick the habit and get their lives back in order; whereas OccupySF does nothing for addicts except provide a place to congregate and shoot up without criticism; in other words, they facilitate destructive addictions. Regardless of ideology: Which side is benefitting society?

I was not at this particular event, nor was anyone else with a camera except Larry it seems, so Fund47’s report is an exclusive — check it out to see all the action.

(Photo courtesy of Larry in SF.)