Democrat Sheriff In WV Pleads Guilty To Vote Fraud

A while back, Bryan asked why the left is so desperate to smear True the Vote, an organization dedicated to eliminating voter fraud.

Consider this story a partial answer.


As the sheriff of Lincoln County, W.Va., Jerry Bowman is sworn to uphold the law. But the 58-year-old law enforcement veteran stood in a federal courtroom in Charleston on Wednesday and pleaded guilty in a shocking voter fraud case that has stripped him of his job and could send him to prison for a decade.

Prosecutors say Bowman and former Lincoln County Clerk Donald Whitten, 62, were part of a scheme to steal the May 2010 Democratic primary by stuffing ballot boxes with illegal absentee ballots.

Bowman admitted to falsifying more than 100 of the absentee ballot applications and even voting with some of the ballots himself, while Whitten, who also pleaded guilty Wednesday, acknowledged lying to investigators about the plan to try to throw the election.

“It makes you mad,” said Charles Brumfield, who ran against Bowman for Lincoln County circuit clerk, about having the election stolen from him. “It was hurtful. You just didn’t think that would happen in today’s society.”

Note, please, which party’s primary Bowman was running in. He wasn’t running as a Republican, he was running as a Democrat.

And pay close attention to the modus operandi of their scheme.

Brumfield told Fox News that on election night, he was ahead by about 235 votes. That is, until additional batches of absentee ballots started mysteriously appearing, repeatedly, throughout the evening.

“We knew something was wrong, because the post office closes at 4:30 … you don’t go to the post office at 9 o’clock at night and find ballots.”

But for several hours on election night, “They kept coming out and saying ‘we found some more ballots’ … and they did this about three times from 7 to 11 p.m., and when the final tally was taken, we lost,” Brumfield said.


This reminds me very strongly of the 2004 Washington state gubernatorial election, where they kept finding more ballots, and more ballots, and more ballots, until the Democrat was declared the winner, with some help from the state supreme court. So while Bowman may have been very clumsy about it, this “finding ballots” scheme has actually been part of the Democratic playbook for years.

Keep your eyes open in your local elections this year. Sign up to be a poll watcher in your local elections, and don’t be intimidated by Black Panthers trying to scare Republican voters away. If you see something you think needs to be reported, by all means, tell us about it! Use the Contact Us form at the bottom of any PJM page, and give all the details you can.

ACORN and the other lefty operatives will be pulling out every dirty trick in their bag to re-elect their statist puppet Obama. To stop them, we need to be ready, we need to be vigilant, and we need to be loud when we see something like mysteriously “discovered” ballots.


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