Super Bluesday


Linking to an AP story, Drudge called it “Super Chooseday.” Do you really think there is a choice involved?  I write at about 9:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday. Newt Gingrich (remember him?) has taken Georgia, but we knew that already. Mitt Romney, whose wife drives “a couple of Cadillacs,” and who has friends who own NASCAR teams won, er, Massachusetts! (Good going Guv!) Also Vermont!! And Virginia!!!  As I write, it’s neck-and-neck (but favoring  Santorum) in Ohio between the man with important hair (that would be Mitt) and Rick Santorum. Santorum, it seems, has taken Tennessee  and Oklahoma. Which is a problem for . . . the media.


How will they play this?  It doesn’t matter much. Unless there is a sudden access of political testosterone,  Romney is the man. Then what? Then for the next few months we can read about how he is the only electable candidate and, come November, shake our heads when Barack Hussein Obama is reelected President of the United States and continues his work dismantling the freest, most prosperous, and powerful country  in history.

“There you go again,” Ronald Reagan said to  what’s-his-name in 1979. And there they go again, the folks that brought us the candidacy of Bob Dole and John McCain. Their latest retread is Mr. ObamaCare-lite, the former Governor of Massachusetts, the man who makes bets with people for $10,000 on national television and whose zillion-point tax plan calls for a tax code that is simultaneously “flatter” and just as progressive as it is now. Talk about square circles!

Never mind. Romney is the adult in the scenario—or so we’re told. He out-spent Newt 65-1 in Florida and guess what? He won! Romney, you see, is the mature one. The one nearly all the smart money is on.  I see that. I  acknowledge that Newt Gingrich is a volatile chameleon and Rich Santorum seems to have condoms on the brain. I don’t suggest either is more likely to win.


But here is the sad thing: Mitt, as things look now, is likely to lose. Not the primary. All the Establishment forces are there assuring his victory.  It’s just that he is likely to lose the general election. How do I know? I can smell it. I can also look at the polls.

I believe that this country is at a fateful crossroads. One road leads to prosperity and freedom. The other leads to the drab slavery of socialist control. Mitt believes (sort of) in the former. Obama believes, with a vengeance (just wait!), in the latter. Alas, Mitt will be powerless to stop Obama: how can he, since he has endorsed all the most controversial aspects of Obama’s policies?

I am, as I have said before in this space, a syphlitic-camel sort of chap.  That is, I would vote for a camel with a social disease before I would vote for Barrack Hussein Obama. Which means, as the logicians among you will have concluded, that I will vote for Mitt Romney should he, as seems very likely, be the candidate. Quite soon, in fact, I will begin writing cheerleading-sorts of pieces about him here and elsewhere.


Just now, however, I pause on this not-so-super-Tuesday to register a melancholy riposte to this silliest of silly seasons. Some wise but unpleasant person observed that people tended to get the leaders they deserved. Do we deserve this?



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