Sandra Fluke Has Been Granted MSM Absolute Moral Authority

Jake Tapper interviewed the 30-year-old Georgetown student who attends the Catholic school for the express purpose of de-Catholicizing it, and absurdly claims that she’s paying over a grand for contraception per year and can’t afford it (so we must pay it for her). Ace tweet-grilled Tapper over that interview. The upshot is that Tapper, usually among the fairest and gutsiest in the mainstream media, pitched an intentional walk to Miss Fluke. Her being called a “slut” has changed the debate entirely. She ought to be a figure of ridicule for, well, her entire schtick. But it’s just too easy to make her a victim now.


I hate to say I told y’all so…so I’ll just say that I informed you thusly.

I’m not absolving Tapper on this, by the way. But I’m confident the interview would probably not have happened if she hadn’t drawn so much negative attention, and the tenor of that attention made it all to easy to go easy on her. Tapper seems to have taken the easy way.


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