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Occupy Wall Street? Obama Pledges to Again Join With the 1% and Buy a Bailed Out Chevy Volt

Seton Motley | PJ Tatler

Another Day in the 1% Life of President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama yesterday asserted he’d buy once he’s out of office an expensiveuber-subsidizedoverproducedunprofitableunpopularcombustible Chevrolet Volt.


He’ll fit right in.  The Volt has proven to be a rich man, 1%-er vehicle – the average purchaser has an average income of $170,000 per annum.

And wouldn’t a President Obama Volt purchase be a conflict of interest?  The total government subsidy per Volt sold – paid for mostly by the 99% of us – is more than $200,000.  The federal check cut – just at the point of purchase to the purchaser – is $7,500.  And President Obama is looking to up that to $10,000.

Should President Obama personally benefit from the government policies he’s put in place?  Crony Socialism – of which the $85 billion auto bailout is perhaps the worst of the myriad, egregious Administration examples – is bad enough.  Self-Crony Socialism is even worse.

Less Government President Seton Motley:

“President Barack Obama has pledged to again demonstrate his uber-rich, 1%-er status once he’s out of office – joining his wealthy, Leftist friends in the uber-thin ranks of Chevy Volt owners.  So as to cash in on all the government money he keeps shoveling at the uber-expensive, uber-failed pseudo-vehicle.

“No item better represents the out-of-touch-with-Reality mega-rich – for which Occupy Wall Street claims to have disdain – than the Chevy Volt.  A completely ineffectual, absurdly expensive, entitlement-minded, built-and-paid-for-on-the-backs-of-the-99% vehicle that only the super-wealthy can afford.


“Why isn’t Occupy Wall Street protesting the Chevy Volt?  And demanding that President Obama not benefit from the $65+ billion and counting he continues to pour into the Crony Socialist auto bailout and the Volt?”

We the Taxpayers own more than 500 million shares of GM stock, on which we are currently poised to lose more than $13 billion.  To go with the (at least) $14+ billion we’ve already lost on the auto bailout.  Less Government tracks the looming loss – and offers the solution for how we can extricate ourselves from Government Motors – at

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