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Chuck Schumer: Senator and Hypocrite


Today, NY1 reported that New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer called for the State Department to apply pressure on Saudi Arabia to increase oil production:

“Senator Charles Schumer wants Saudi Arabia to do its part to help keep gas prices from going any higher.

Schumer is asking the State Department to press the Saudis to commit to increasing oil production.

He hopes that would compensate for anything Iran holds back, and slow the surge of prices at the pump.

Schumer says Saudi Arabia can produce 12.5 million barrels, but is only producing about 10 million.”


Schumer’s call highlights his hypocrisy.  He was a co-sponsor of the ANWR Wilderness Act (2007-S2316) that designates ANWR as “protected wilderness,” and he has taken advantage of every opportunity to stand in front of banks of microphones to lambast the efforts of those who believe America should become energy independent by developing our own coal, oil, and natural gas resources.  Obviously, Senator Schumer doesn’t care about America’s security — either energy or national — because the two are closely related.  His demagoguery is becoming the stuff of legend.

Neil Snyder is a chaired professor emeritus at the University of Virginia.  His blog,, is posted daily.

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