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What Do You Become When You Worship Government?

Ben Shapiro presents a spot-on analysis of the progressive political cult in a video titled “Why the Obama Left Worships Government,”


“In the view of the Left, the state is everything. Why? Because in the progressive belief system, only the state guarantees rights. All of our freedoms and liberties spring from the state. All moral and philosophical and scientific authority is vested in the state. Only the state can enforce the progressive ideology. And so the state must survive and it must grow. The bigger the state, the bigger the rights. Want a right to healthcare? You need an enormous state. Want a right to taxpayer-funded contraceptives? You need a huge state… Our founders agreed, they saw the constitution as a charter of negative liberties — it protects people’s natural rights against the government… The Constitution only gives the state the power to protect rights.”

The act of worshipping any god or idol always yields the same results: the devotee begins to assume the traits of the object of his devotion.

So what happens when someone decides to worship a dead noun — like a stone, a tall tower, or any manmade creation (like the federal government)? They start creating more death all around them. We’ve known this for a long time…

When the ancient Hebrews revolted against the earth-worshipping idolatry of the Canaanites and Egyptians they were not concerned with the fact that these other cults knelt before stone statues and said prayers to strange gods. It was the result of the worship that was an abomination in need of eradication: child sacrifice.

And a few millennia later in 2012, the fight the Obama administration wants to spend its dwindling political capital on? Every employer must pay for his workers’ birth control and abortions, regardless of religious objection.

This story has been told before, you know.

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