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3 Examples of Marxist Bias in This Hit Piece on David Koch

Not the first, but the most jarring moment where Stacey Singer reveals a Marxist bias in her Palm Beach Post smear-job of conservative philanthropist David Koch:


But what has drawn controversy is that the brothers give many millions to far-right organizations dedicated to spreading an Ayn Rand-­infused ideology, one in which a benevolent business class flourishes, unfettered by taxes and regulations. Some have called it free-­market fundamentalism.

Who are “some”? Google the term and Marxists like Cornel West appear on page one.

Second, alleged journalist Singer utilizes her Maureen Dowd-like telepathy:

But as Koch speaks, he repeatedly uses the phrase “union power” as though it’s interchangeable with the word “Bolshevik” – a new red scare for a new century.

This forced transition allows Singer to pursue her political agenda, depicting the Tea Party as a revival of the conspiracist John Birch Society:

Once Fred Koch saw the horrors of Stalin’s purges, he was committed to fighting communism’s spread. Trade unionism and the welfare state represented a creeping, insidious move toward the Bolsheviks, he believed. He became a founding member of the anticommunist John Birch Society in 1958.


Through their personal foundations, their corporate political action committee and their checkbooks, the Kochs have broadened and popularized their father’s views.


Never mind that Bircher paleoconservatism finds a home amongst Ron Paul’s anarcho-capitalist acolytes, not the mainstream Americans for Prosperity.

Peruse Singer’s personal twitterfeed for five minutes and the reporter’s Marxist sympathies come into clarity. First observe her retweets: the progressive-hacker-bullies Anonymous and a Mother Jones article.

She also uses Twitter to find subjects for her politicized stories. On February 6 Singer Tweeted to her followers:

What’s it like trying to get health care in #PalmBeach County #FLwithout health coverage? Tell me your story.

For final confirmation Singer sees the world through a Marxist lens of evil bourgeoisie oppressing noble proletariat, consider this Twitter exchange with Business Insider Deputy Editor Joseph Weisenthal:

Joseph Weisenthal @TheStalwart For what it’s worth, I’m in favor of legalizing unpaid internships. Banning them is absurd.

Stacey Singer @StaceySinger @TheStalwart Not totally absurd. Unpaid internships guarantee only trust-fund babies get a shot at plum jobs. Working-class kids starve.

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