Some new mottos for Obama

Over at Just One Minute, Tom Maguire links to a Reuters article reporting that the President is searching for a new motto for 2012. Posters have made lots of great suggestions, but once again, bgates proves himself the winner.


O Debt 
Owe China 

I like MarkO’s.
“Freedom Isn’t Free, So Who Needs It?”

1 lb top end beef eaten while telling you people to sacrifice: $100
1 ;
week vacation rental in Martha’s Vineyard visited after telling you people to tighten your belts:
Budget deficit after promising a net spending cut: over $1,000,000,000,000/year, every year;
Killing bin Laden: Priceless

Finishing the Dream

I’m the Only One Putting Between You and the Pitchforks

Too Smart to Fail

Help Me and Warren Buffett Fight the Rich

Vote Obama. 
It’s Like Having a Real Black Friend

If I Don’t Win, I’m Just Going to Make Ginsburg Retire and then Appoint Myself as Her Replacement, So It’s Not Like I’m Going Anywhere.


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