The Remarkable President Obama

According to Maya Angelou, President Obama

has critics and doubters. Angelou, the sage of black America, now 83, has no time for them. “I think he has done a remarkable job, knowing how much he has been opposed,” she says. “Every suggestion he makes, the Republicans en masse fight against him or don’t vote at all.” It’s about him being a Democrat and being the first black president, she says.


How dare anyone criticize or doubt President Obama, who has already done so much?  Regardless of  having to deal since January of 2011 with a Congress his party does not control, President Obama has led the nation into a remarkably unprecedented state of dependency on government, has ignored the Constitution when it has imposed inconvenient obstacles to implementing his agendas, has continued to weaken the nation internationally and has racked up an historic national debt along with massive and still increasing federal spending.  All of these accomplishments have certainly been remarkable, particularly for an American President.  Now, he seeks an additional four years to do even more remarkable things and would most likely prefer to do them with a Democrat controlled Congress and probably without an inconvenient Constitution.

He has accomplished these remarkable things, and plans to accomplish many more, mainly to promote his conception of “fairness” (poor vs. “rich,” Black vs. White, other politically favored classes vs. other politically unfavored classes) while stimulating the creation of the most divided America in a very long time.



Obviously a racist, Representative West has characterized government “handouts” as slavery.  Heh.  What does he understand about slavery or, for that matter about Blacks, anyone or anything else, that President Obama doesn’t understand, smarter and better? Representative West had best do a quick reset and get with the program.

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