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Should Progressives Homeschool Their Kids?

A great new video from Declaration Entertainment on the Obama administration’s sabotage of American schools:

Meanwhile at Slate yesterday, the anarchist and statist wings of the progressive movement disagree over homeschooling. Dana Goldstein argues the latter point of view, urging her peers to flood the public school system with their children:

Despite our conflicting perspectives, I agree with Taylor that school ought to be more engaging, more intellectually challenging, and less obsessed with testing. But government is the only institution with the power and scale to intervene in the massive undertaking of better educating American children, 90 percent of whom currently attend public schools. (And it’s worth remembering that schools provide not just education, but basic child care while parents are at work.) Lefty homeschoolers might be preaching sound social values to their children, but they aren’t practicing them. If progressives want to improve schools, we shouldn’t empty them out. We ought to flood them with our kids, and then debate vociferously what they ought to be doing.

In other words: progressive parents should be more concerned with creating a strong public school system than making sure their own children get the best education possible.

What a revealing word choice here too. “We ought to flood them…”

I imagine most of my friends and colleagues who homeschool their kids think of floods more as a destructive force we need to work hard to survive: