Newt Back in the Loot

There is strong evidence brewing that Sheldon Adelson is going to give Newt’s Pacmen another $10 million.

It’s not evident how he intends to use it, however.


Promoting moon colonies and hurling insults at Romney were clearly not doing the trick.

He is going to have to capture the deep South to be relevant again and crawl back up from the Ron Paul mid-teen terrain.

Santorum is a target on several fronts (big labor, earmarks, hard core social issues) but Gingrich has shot his wad on negativity on Romney.

The big labor/earmarks issues are absolutely viable, but they aren’t the type of issues that get blood boiling. Without a hot button to press, Gingrich needs a different approach.

He needs to bait Santorum and get Santorum to bite. But will he?

Not likely. Gingrich has money to get all dressed up, with likely no place to go. It does do enough to get him through SuperTuesday.

If he can win a couple of southern states, he can get us to a convention in a three legged sad sack race.


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