Obama's Budget Kills DC's Successful School Voucher Program, Increases Subsidy on a Car No One Wants to Buy

Yet another sop to the unions by this president, no matter who gets hurt:

President Obama’s 2013 budget request not only recklessly increases funding for the Department of Education by another 3.5 percent (taking the bloated agency’s budget to $68.9 billion), it brazenly eliminates funding for the highly successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Not that long ago, President Obama said on the Today show that he would not send his own children to D.C. public schools. For seemingly political reasons, Obama has decided to stand in solidarity with the education special-interest groups and against this highly successful school-choice program.

More than 1,600 low-income children are currently enrolled in the D.C. OSP, and receive vouchers of $8,000 ($12,000 for high-school students) to attend a private school of their choice that meets their needs. In a city with the worst-performing and most dangerous public schools in the country, the vouchers have been a lifeline to a brighter future for these children.


If Barack Obama gets his way, the vouchers will go away. These children will lose their chance at obtaining a quality education. The demographics of the children involved suggest that this president doesn’t want other black Americans to succeed. If he were white and a Republican, that exact argument would be thrown in his face. The fact is, the president and his party have been trying to kill DC’s voucher program for years, so this isn’t a case of neglect. It’s malice. They have weighed the choice to support these children or the teachers unions, and sided with the unions. Because campaign money talks,. and when it comes to supporting his base, this president nears the behavior of a psychopath.

And as if to underline the president’s priorities, he is upping the subsidy on the Chevy Volt fire trap to $10,000 per car.

You tell me, liberals, which is built to last: A generation of children who obtained quality educations, or a car that the government has to bribe people to buy? The president has made his choice.



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