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Holder Stings Jindal, and More

I have a post over at PJ Rule of Law with some news that nobody has reported before now:

Justice Department sources familiar with Voting Section tactics tell me that DOJ has been sending investigators wearing wires and electronic surveillance equipment into state welfare and food stamp offices across the country to see if state officials are pushing voter registration on investigators posing as recipients. They have stung Louisiana, Georgia, Rhode Island and potentially more states with these tactics.

These tactics represent a significant development in several ways. Of course DOJ is allowed to engage in these sorts of investigations by law, but the Voting Section has never used electronic surveillance to gather evidence for a civil case before. One former Bush era Voting Section manger told me, “had the Bush administration used wires in a civil voting case, we would have been accused of Gestapo tactics.” Indeed.

The second reason that these tactics are significant is they demonstrate the frenzied priorities of the Obama political appointees before November’s elections. Because of heavy lobbying by Acorn’s Project Vote, the DOJ is now engaged in an effort to stuff the voter rolls with the maximum number of welfare and food stamp recipients, and even public methadone treatment center users.


A report was released today showing that nearly 2,000,000 dead voters are on the rolls heading into November, and Eric Holder is doing nothing about it.  Of course ACORN’s Project Vote is involved, lobbying the White House directly.  Read more at Millions of Dead Voters, Brought to You By Eric Holder.

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