Former Obama Supporter "He's Not A Magic Man"

Wow, when you start losing the music stars said he hoped to raise $1 million for his charity that benefits needy students at a concert Thursday night. Instead, he raised $5 million.

He hosted an event that featured performances from Stevie Wonder and Ne-Yo at the Hollywood Palladium for his angel foundation, established in 2009.

[snip] also talked politics: He said President Barack Obama is not a “magic man,” and that people shouldn’t expect him to solve the country’s problems with “some freakin’ plan.”

“We can sit and point fingers and say Obama’s not doing his job, but you’re supposed to do your job,” said, who has supported Obama in the past.


He’s got a point… more than one, actually.

Far too many people are sitting around waiting for the government to solve all their problems, not lifting a finger to fix things themselves.  That’s not what this nation was founded on… imagine if the Pilgrims had sat around waiting for “the government” to take care of all their needs. We need Americans to rediscover their self-sufficiency and quit leaning on the government to do everything.

And, Obama clearly is not a “magic man.” He’s actually a man in far over his head, without the skills or knowledge or maybe even the intelligence to handle the job he wanted so badly.

Conservatives have to get away from wanting a “conservative magic man” who’s gonna come in and solve all the problems with a wave of his wand as well. Such a man does not exist, not even Reagan was able to get everything he wanted done, and he had to compromise many times during his Administration.

If we really want to fix America’s problems, we need not only the right man in the White House, but also the right people in Congress. So go to Ballotpedia, look up who’s running for Congress in your district, and pick the most conservative one… and then support him/her!



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