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I Support Obama Because... (The Doodle Version)

In the latest Real Clear Politics polling average of President Obama’s job approval rating, the commander in chief is hanging in at 48.4 approval and 47.6 percent disapproval. In this week’s ABC News/Washington Post poll, 44 percent of respondents approved of how Obama is handling the economy and 38 percent the federal budget deficit. While 39 percent find Obama’s handling of the economy a major reason to support the candidate, 56 percent find his handling of the terrorist threat to be major mojo for him in 2012.


So the numbers back the already-stated campaign refrain: Hope and change are out, killing Osama bin Laden and auto-bailout bragging are in. After all, you can’t do too much economic bragging when people are still suffering, and you can’t get too much traction with hope and change when you’ve already had four years to try to make people hopeful and change things (for the better, that is). The voters will need a different message, so in steps terrorist slaying.

Or so I thought. Obama’s campaign arm, Organizing for America, released this photo of volunteers opening a field office in Virginia, writing messages on the wall under the banner “I Support the President because…”

Reasons written include:

  • “I am ready for CHANGE!”
  • “Because he kept his promises”
  • “He needs time to complete cleaning up the 8 years of destruction to the U.S. …”
  • “Because President Obama fights for me!”
  • “Because he is the way [up arrow]”
  • “Because he LOVES all and cares for the poor!”
  • “I support him because he is our hope for the future”
  • “He needs an opportunity to finish the fine job he has begun!!”
  • “He is Black & White together, representing the healing that America desperately requires & God has his back!”

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