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Romney Wins, But Race Is Far From Over

ORLANDO, FL – With the results of the Florida primary now in the books, Mitt Romney has emerged victorious with a double-digit win over his rival Newt Gingrich. Learning a lesson from South Carolina, Romney has emerged a meaner, more aggressive candidate here in the Sunshine State. He now understands that Newt must not be left to linger and is going for the knockout blow. After outspending Gingrich on the airwaves five to one, Romney’s attacks took their toll on the speaker and guaranteed him an easy win tonight.

However, with 95% of delegates still left on the table, this race is far from over. Gingrich has vowed to continue his campaign until the convention and is hoping that Tea Party support will help him carry the day. That being said, conservatives and Tea Party members have yet to coalesce around a candidate — if Rick Santorum continues to stick in the race he could take away a chunk of the constituency that Newt is banking on to win. With only one debate until Super Tuesday, Gingrich’s biggest battle will be fighting the perception that this race is over. If he can quelch the narrative that Romney is the eventual nominee and can keep the money coming in, he has a chance of making it into the summer.

One thing is for sure, there are still four viable candidates in the race and the mudslinging is sure to continue for at least the next couple months. Eventually though, one candidate is consistently going to be a winner and Mitt Romney has the most resources and money to carry his campaign until he is the last man standing.