Tuesday's 'State of Solyndra' Speech

Oh my, The Hill reports,

President Obama will unveil his election-year energy agenda Tuesday night in his State of the Union address.

In a video message [below] sent to supporters Saturday, Obama said the speech will lay out an economic platform that includes “American energy, fueled by homegrown and alternative energy sources.”

Obama is also likely to tout achievements such as the increase in auto mileage standards and federal support for clean energy projects as he mounts his case for reelection.

The real mystery is whether the president will map out major new energy proposals or simply offer a robust defense — and maybe repackaging — of existing policies…


It is time to remember that President Obama used his first two State of the Union speeches (the first actually not called that, but…) and, to show his seriousness, his first address to the UN General Assembly, to upbraid Congress with the same, very deliberately worded demand for “legislation that will finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy in America”.

Well, we’ve all decoded that one by now. It means making the stuff that works cost prohibitive — “bankrupt[ing]” it, in his famous words to the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board — while propping up the uneconomical stuff which doesn’t work. Sealing off federal land for hydrocarbon projects while fast-tracking land-grabbing and bird/bat chopping solar and wind. Which happen to disproportionately be “investments” of his campaign bundlers and other supporters.


Here’s to hoping those in attendance and, dare I wish for this, the media, make a mockery of such a State of Solyndra speech.

h/t JunkScience.com



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