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Read Between the Lines - McDonnell Supports Romney


OK Tatler fans, let’s have some fun and read between the lines of this press release.

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.


Some of you may remember that back in early November I predicted in this PJM piece that when McDonnell announced his support for Romney the presses would start rolling with Romney/McDonnell bumper stickers and yard signs.

Sure, Mitt Romney has had a bad week, but I stand firm that he will be the nominee and McDonnell his running mate.  This press release is glowing with praise for McDonnell, who is a popular governor of a very important battleground state that Romney must win in order to reach 270 electoral votes. McDonnell also has a conservative profile that perfectly fits into Romney’s campaign message machine.

“Governor McDonnell’s leadership in Virginia is an example for the rest of the nation,” said Mitt Romney. “Governor McDonnell has used the conservative principles of keeping taxes and spending low and creating a fair regulatory climate to make Virginia a top destination for job creators. These same principles can be used in Washington to fix our economy and make government accountable to the taxpayers. I am proud to have his support and look forward to working with Governor McDonnell.”

“As I have said throughout this primary process, we need a governor to serve as our next president,” said Governor McDonnell. “America needs leadership and that’s what governors do: they lead. Governors actually have to find solutions and bring all parties together in order to get results for their citizens – they can’t just sit back and cast votes. Mitt Romney has been an effective leader his entire life, in business, the Olympics and as governor. President Obama’s lack of leadership experience is now clear – he has failed to turn around the economy and end the gridlock in Washington. Mitt Romney used his leadership ability in a politically difficult environment to balance the budget every year, cut spending and taxes, and create jobs. He is a results-oriented conservative. This is the type of record that conservatives like me are honored to support – we need a leader like Mitt Romney in the White House to enact effective change that will put our country back on the right path and Americans back to work.”


Translation: Since I am limited to only one 4 year term I will soon be looking for a new job and VP would be a very nice promotion. However, I will not provide the late night comics or You Tube with as much material as the current Vice-President. Please accept my apology for being boring, competent and presidential.

Background On Governor McDonnell:

Governor Bob McDonnell Was Elected In 2009.

McDonnell totally embarrassed Obama and the Democrats in November of 2009, with his landslide victory in a former red state that Obama turned blue in 2008.

Note to David Axelrod:  If McDonnell is on the GOP ticket, you just lost 13 electoral votes and a Senate seat.

Prior to his election, McDonnell served as Virginia’s Attorney General and as a Delegate representing Virginia’s 84th District in Virginia Beach. Governor McDonnell is an Army Veteran who served his country for 21 years. Governor McDonnell is the current Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

As RGA Chairman, McDonnell has a natural platform to appear in the media blasting Obama and raising his national profile.  Army veteran too! What’s not to like?

Now PLEASE can we just wrap this whole thing up in Florida and get on with it.  Newt is driving us nuts.


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