The Atlantic: Huntsman Flopped Because Rightwing Nutjob Media, Or Something


Of course, the magazine’s first go-to guy for all things conservative is Andrew Sullivan, who is still suffering the ill effects of hitting his head on a medical records file cabinet while stalking Sarah Palin’s womb.


What you see in the rejection of Huntsman is the Republican body rejecting a sanity transplant. Based on unreason and hatred of the other half of America. It’s irrational and degenerate.

Sullivan’s “I’m still kind of conservative and they’ve all gone crazy” schtick still plays to the Bill Maher crowd. And it’s probably a huge hit in his therapist’s office as well.

In discussing this with a conservative friend last Sunday night, I said that, despite his conservative record, I never warmed up to Huntsman because he began his campaign by running away from it.

As Ace says in the post linked above, “It’s difficult to like someone who clearly doesn’t like you.”

That doesn’t sound crazy at all.


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