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The Unknown Truth About Arthur Miller's Communist Past

At Tablet Magazine, writer Ron Capshaw has a terrific article on the secret life of playwright Arthur Miller as a Communist Party writer. Capshaw reaches this conclusion about Miller:

In his testimony before the HUAC, Miller stated that he “had never been under Communist discipline.” But his behavior as Wayne and then as Miller shows otherwise. As Wayne, he followed the Browder phase of perestrokia in literature. When the tide shifted away, Miller followed the Fosterite policy that the only good literature was the politically correct kind. Miller was not only a party member, he was also an obedient one, who was willing to submerge his own ideas of good literature and politics to the shifting vagaries of the party line.

Read Capshaw’s article that tells a long suppressed truth about the man many consider our nation’s greatest realist playwright. Miller’s fans at The Nation magazine won’t know what hit them.