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Update: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Church Liberty

How’s that for timing.  Yesterday I had this piece discussing the Justice Department’s radical position in a religious liberties case before the Supreme Court.  Justice Department lawyer Leondra Kruger made arguments in the case so extreme even Justice Elana Kagan appeared to disagree with her.  At issue was whether a church can fire an employee for violations of church doctrine.  Kruger argued that they could not enforce church policy in the case.  Kruger was also unwilling to categorically say that the federal government was prohibited from attacking in court the all male Catholic priesthood.  That didn’t interest the government, at this time, she assured us on behalf of the Holder Justice Department.

Today Kruger lost.  Religious liberty won, and the Supreme Court unanimously disagreed with Eric Holder’s radical position as articulated by Kruger.  Not a single Justice was persuaded by Leondra Kruger.  The court ruled unanimously against Kurger and Holder.  That’s how radical this Justice Department has become.  Read more at Fox.